Caught in the rush..!

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Dear Governor:

First of all, I want you to know that I’m very pleased, about your government directions, you are doing it really great. You have been helping people around Zulia´s state. Things like ¨JESUS ENRIQUE LOSADA¨ Grant and different programs make your government different.Among others things, I want to let you know about some problems that are bothering all the community. Our first problem is about ¨BUSES¨ there aren't enough buses in good condition. We need modern buses with air condition, because as you know Maracaibo is the hottest city in Venezuela and also they are noisy and very dirty.Another problem is the traffic in this City; it is getting worse and worse. We need more streets. You can´t even park easily, you have to try and turn around trying to find where to park your car.Also, there aren't enough policemen on the streets. Right now there are a lot of robberies, so we need safety in the streets and good policeman or policewoman.Last but not least, there should be less pollution. It is something that we need to solve immediately. It can´t wait, this problem affects not just us but everybody in the whole world.I will expect an early solution to our community problems, and I hope this letter helps to solve some problems that need to be fixed. Sincerely…

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