Unit 3 - Time for a change!

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I´m going to write about my old house, my new one and the house of my dreams…My old house had four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a big living room, an inconvenient kitchen and a small dining area. Two of the bedrooms were big enough but the other two were too small, especially mine. My bedroom closet was as big as a box of shoes, but now I live in a Town House and it´s huge. It has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a small kitchen, a small dining area and a small living room but the bedrooms are huge compared to the old house. The new house is located in a quiet place, you can´t even hear a fly in there, but the old one was really noisy and dangerous. If you are wondering what would be the house of my dream, I will answer the house where I'm living now but what it needs is a big swimming pool and it would be perfect.

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